ALL SEASON milk offers fresh milk and a variety of processed milk products to choose from such as pasteurised milk, drinking yoghurt, yoghurt pouch, and lactose-free milk. Carefully processed and produced for consumer needs, each product has its own benefits and nutritional values. ALL SEASON also has more choices of great tasting milk to pick from that suit your tastes, whether it’s fresh pasteurised milk, chocolate and coffee flavoured milk, pineapple or orange flavoured drinking yoghurt, Nata de coco and konjac or strawberry flavoured yoghurt pouch, and more in our wide range of milk products.

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The number one dairy product in the south, "All Season"

The number one dairy product in the south, "All Season"

All Season is a genuine cow’s milk producer that sells 100% real cow’s milk and other processed dairy products. We deliver a wide range of dairy products straight from our happy dairy farm, to you.

We place great emphasis on production technology and rigorous all-round quality inspection at every stage to better maintain the natural nutrients from our real cow’s milk.

You can rest assured that every drop of All Season’s milk provides complete nutritional value that is rich in health benefits. We also offer ready to order yoghurt in a variety of flavours through a wide range of convenience stores and leading supermarkets. Read more


Processed dairy products from All Season

All Season offers a variety of delicious processed milk products including pasteurized milk, lactose-free milk, drinking yoghurt, and yoghurt pouches in a variety of delicious flavours. All our dairy products are made from genuine cow’s milk that arrives fresh, every day from our quality dairy farms.

We carry out meticulous production and processing of the milk to ensure a fresh and delicious flavour with all the health benefits and nutritional value guaranteed! Only the best of All Season Dairy products for our consumers.

Yoghurt pouch (YOGHURT POUCH)

All Season Yoghurt Pouch is made from high quality fresh cow’s milk from our happy dairy farms. The milk is fermented with Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, which are microorganisms that produce natural lactic acid (Lactic Acid Bacteria), resulting in yoghurt. This natural lactic acid from the fermentation process is what creates the soft and smooth texture, coupled with the fresh milk aroma, that our All Season Yoghurt Pouches are known for.

We invite you to try any of our four delicious flavours including natural flavoured yoghurt, coconut flavoured yoghurt with Konjac, strawberry flavoured yoghurt, and vanilla flavoured yoghurt.

Package size: 135 g.

Ready-to-drink yoghurt (DRINKING YOGHURT)

All Season drinking yoghurt is made from premium grade fresh cow’s milk that has been fermented with Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. These are microbes that naturally produce lactic acid that ferments the milk into drinking yoghurt. This resulting yoghurt is enriched with important nutrients that provide our consumers with several health benefits. These benefits include: a boost in digestive health, increased metabolism, and calcium for strong bones and teeth.

Our fragrant drinking yoghurt has a delicious flavour and texture that makes it easy-to-drink and is suitable for all ages. We package our drinking yoghurts in a variety of sizes up to large bottles.

We also offer a choice of four flavours including orange, pineapple, mixed fruit, mixed berry, Peach & Pomegranate, Tropical, Lychee and Blackcurrant & Blueberry.

Pack size: 100 ml, 170 ml, 300 ml, and 830 ml.

Lactose Free Pasteurized Milk (LACTOSE-FREE MILK)

All Season Lactose Free milk is a special milk product for those that suffer from lactose-intolerance. We make use of quality fresh cow’s milk and add the enzyme lactase. It pre-digests sugar in a process that allows the resulting milk to be more easily absorbed by the body without interfering with the taste and nutritional value of normal cow’s milk.

The pre-biotic properties of the milk also help to promote better digestive health, reduce the risk of constipation, and lower blood pressure. Our Lactose-Free milk has a natural aroma and delicious taste. It is easy to digest and suitable for people with allergies and those drinking cow’s milk for the first time.

Our Lactose-Free milk is available in two flavours: natural and black sesame.

Package size: 180 ml and 300 ml.

Pasteurized Milk (FLAVOURED MILK)

All Season Pasteurized Milk is made from 100% real cow’s milk that has been sterilized at >75 °C for 15 seconds to destroy harmful microorganisms, while still retaining the nutritional values that are beneficial to the body.

All Season Pasteurized milk has a real cow’s milk aroma, delicious taste, is easy to drink, high in calcium and natural minerals. It is suitable for all genders and ages.

All Season Pasteurized Milk is available in 3 flavours including natural, strawberry, and chocolate.

Package size: 180 ml and 300 ml.

Why you should choose real cow’s milk products from All Season?

  • Made from 100% real cow’s milk.
  • Natural aroma, easy-to-drink, and with a delicious taste.
  • Convenient, safe, and quality processing and packaging.
  • High nutritional value.
  • Preserves natural nutrients in every drop.
  • New style packaging with comfortable grip and easy-to-carry design, suitable for modern lifestyles.
  • Easily available to buy at convenience stores and leading supermarkets.

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To select and manage to get our fine quality raw milk, we take good care of our dairy cattle from the very first step. Our cattle are fed with the finest foods from our selection of various ingredients for which we oversee the daily cultivation from growing to harvesting to maintain the highest quality and to provide the cattle with the most beneficial nutrients. We also see the importance of standard environmental management for the cattles’ living spaces, ensuring that the area is clean and sanitary for their own well-being in both mind and body, with the capacity to produce premium raw milk for consumers.

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