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Lactose Free Milk is a special dairy product made for those that suffer lactose intolerance. All Season combines high quality real cow’s milk with the enzyme lactase to facilitate the lactose digestion process. This process causes lactose in milk to be converted into glucose and galactose, enabling the body to easily absorb the milk. This product has the same taste and nutritional profile as normal cow’s milk. It also has prebiotic properties that promote a better functioning gastrointestinal tract, reduce the amount of gastritis-inducing bacteria, reduces constipation, and lowers blood pressure.

It has a natural aroma and delicious taste. It is also easy to digest and suitable for consumption by those with allergies, and those just starting to drink cow’s milk. It has no side effects and comes in two flavour options including natural and black sesame. Available at leading supermarkets and department stores.

Package size: 180 ml. and 300 ml.

Lactose Free Milk

Lactose Free Milk

  • 100 ml.
  • 180 ml.
  • 360 ml.
  • 830 ml.

ALL SEASON lactose-free milk is specially produced for lactose intolerant people in mind. We use fine fresh milk from our quality dairy cattle farm, processed by adding the enzyme lactase into milk to predigest sugar into glucose and galactose, which allows your body to absorb it easily, with the equivalent health benefits to fresh milk. The prebiotic within lactose-free also aids the digestive system and reducing bacterias that cause gastric disorders and lowering blood pressure. It is rich with vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12, boosting calcium and energy absorption for a healthy body. ALL SEASON lactose-free milk tastes delightfuland is easily digested, suiting those who cannot consume dairy products and those who just begin to drink milk.

ALL SEASON offers 2 flavours of lactose-free milk
original flavour and black sesame flavour
in bottles of 180ml. and 300ml.
Customers buying 300ml. can refill the bottles with water or any drinking products without cost.

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Pasteurized Lactose Free Milk 2 Flavours from All Season

Pasteurized Lactose Free Milk Ready to Drink All Season is available in 2 flavours:

Plain Lactose Free Milk

Plain Lactose Free Milk is made from 100% real cow’s milk and processed using natural enzymes. This depletes the lactose in the milk while preserving the same benefits of natural fresh cow’s milk.

Black Sesame Flavoured Lactose Free Milk

Black Sesame Flavoured Lactose Free Milk is made from 100% real cow’s milk. It blends the unique aroma of fresh milk with real black sesame poppy seeds from nature, creating a delicious taste. It is easy to digest and to drink. You can enjoy health benefits without fear of stomach discomfort, flatulence, diarrhea or indigestion.