Flavoured Milk

  • 180 ml.
  • 300 ml.
  • 830 ml.

Our flavoured milk is produced daily from refined fresh milk at our dairy cattle milk farm, processed through heat treatments and pasteurisation within the regulated time and temperature of >75C to destroy diseases and bad bacterias for 15 seconds, the span in which it is enough to get rid of unwanted microbes and to preserve the beneficial nutrition within milk. Because ALL SEASON pasteurised flavored milk is made from fresh milk, it gives a fresh aroma. Flavoured milk is easy to drink, filled with natural high calcium and minerals, and perfect for all groups and ages. The milk is preserved under 8C for best quality.

ALL SEASON offers 4 flavours of flavoured pasteurised milk
original, strawberry, chocolate, and coffee
in bottles of 100ml., 180ml., 300ml., and 830ml.
Customers buying 300ml. and 830ml. can refill the bottles with water or any drinking products without cost.

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