Apr 7, 2020

When talking about “microbes” or “microorganisms”, people often think about bacterias that have negative impacts on our bodies and that make us sick. It is little known that microbes are simply a name that describes extremely small living things that exist everywhere all around us. We cannot see them with our naked eye. There are even microbes living within our bodies. 

The human body is home to microbes since we were born. We were born with the good microbes (good bacterias) living within our intestines, both small and large, and they all grow as we are growing up. All these microbes keep our digestive system healthy, including the digestive tract and excretory system, as well as improving and building strong immune systems for our bodies to fight bad microbes and the illnesses they bring. However, as we age, the number of good microbes living in our bodies become lower, making us lose that healthy body and immune system.

Probiotics are good microbes and beneficial microorganisms that are good for our bodies. There are many different species of microbes. One of the species that are widely used for human dietary is “lactobacillus” living in our digestive system and protecting our bodies from bad microbes that can make us ill. This kind of probiotic can be found in all yoghurt products.

Yoghurt or drinking yoghurt has probiotics that benefit our health. They are good bacterias that consistently work to keep our immune system and all digestive systems healthy, as well as creating more health-beneficial bacterias for our bodies. Many recent researches also suggest that the regular consumption of probiotic products can ease allergies and lower cholesterol. 

Since there are many positive benefits from probiotics, it is time we should start eating more probiotic products, such as yoghurt or drinking yoghurt, regularly and within the appropriate amount to keep refilling the good microbes in order to benefit the digestive system and to keep our bodies healthy.

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